Developmental speech classes acquire specific action-oriented, and focused on what to teach students reading meaningful, consistent expression of their thoughts aloud, and their ability to write competently. At the same time younger students receive their age perception available starting knowledge of the native language, literature, enrich their speech, develop attention and interest in reading books.

The "Language development Grade 1" and its main advantages

 Education in the Educational Center "Aristotle» involves two activities: the formation of the voice needs of the child (the need to communicate with their peers, teachers, the author of a work of art, etc.) And adaptation to such communication. Moreover, the first direction is a leading company at the stage of language development Grade 1. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to develop the child, if he will not be subject to this process. Just felt the need to communicate with others, the child will be faced with the need to improve their language and to develop speech abilities.
 Program « Language development Grade 1» aims to equip the child an effective means of verbal communication:
  • ability to express their thoughts, desires, plan joint activities, resolve conflicts;
  • ability to use speech means for self-expression, creativity, self-awareness;
  • ability to listen and understand others;
  • ability to use the voice of the game to organize their leisure time.
 Successful language development Grade 1 possible if students consistently there is interest in a particular job, which offers teacher. For lessons on speech development in «Aristotle» center use a variety of techniques and tools. During these sessions the students are fluent in interesting and useful topics, then carry out tasks that are disciplined thought and directed in the right direction of speech activity.