DPA on the Russian language - a dress rehearsal before the exam. To achieve high results need well-planned system of training. Only the possession of a good basic reading and writing, spelling, punctuation does not guarantee a successful completion.
 Our training program for the DPA in the Russian language helps to organize knowledge, to relate the theory and practical skills, to fill the gaps. Instead of exhausting memorization school program with tutoring

Course Objectives:

  • increasing knowledge;
  • repetition of material;
  • algorithm for generation of responses;
  • ability to understand the wording of questions;
  • language development;
  • consolidation practice punctuation, spelling skills students;
  • a comprehensive work on the text;
  • vocabulary;
  • the definition of tasks and corrective actions;
  • acquaintance with examination papers evaluation criteria.

Features techniques:

 Teachers help to prioritize, give student councils, how to organize work better mobilize the memory to allocate time for the successful completion of each part of the DPA in the Russian language.
 Our methodology for Russian language courses to prepare for the GIA is based on the improvement of skills, the practical solution of specific problems. This turn-based work aimed at the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, in-depth material repetition and constant practice. In preparation for the DPA in the Russian language are analyzed some of the tasks of the examination papers of the previous years, understand the common mistakes. Exercises on vocabulary, work on the text held at each session and gradually become more complex. It is also practiced by analysis of the solution of real problems, tests are performed. Skills informational text processing, practical language skills, grammar, vocabulary teach students to write a concise summary, works-arguments.

Learning Outcomes:

  • ability to conduct linguistic analysis;
  • ability to read and understand the text and retell it;
  • own point of view on a particular subject;
  • ability to perceive other people's speech, to analyze the content, create your own statements. This is especially important in the writing of presentation;
  • confident behavior in the exam;
  • the student has an idea of ​​the DPA, is well-versed on how to fill the form on the job;
  • ability to devote most importantly, cut secondary;
  • correct understanding of the wording of the job;
  • ability to strictly follow the instructions to tasks;
  • objective assessment of their work.

Learning course:

 All students, please contact us for the first time, are tested to select the program. These skills help to successfully complete each part of the DPA in the Russian language. Our method - an effective and reasonable way to knowledge and, consequently, the high score