Since July 1, came into force a law banning the use of profanity in television and radio and public appearances. Oddly enough, this decision has caused mixed reactions ..

Another scandal related to the exam in 2014, broke out with renewed vigor. As everyone knows, the Ministry of Education, to increase their vigilance in the exam, was not ready to the fact that graduates without cheating is simply not able to overcome the minimum threshold, which separates from the triple deuce. ..

Thus, the Russian school graduates have already passed the required exams and most of the exams to choose from. Now you only have to know the results and in accordance with them.

05.06.2014 Today was held the Unified State Exam in mathematics. And in this regard, it took another scandal that puts a new spot on this examination form ..

On Monday 05/26/2014, the graduates have overcome the first trial related to the unified state exam. On this day the students passed the exam in literature and geography ..

Yesterday, May 26 Russian students passed the geography and literature as part of the Unified State Exam. The next exam - Russian language, which is a must ...

May 5 students passed the final exam early exam ...

Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin said his statement, which we wrote about earlier. The Ministry of Communications will not publish incorrect versions of the exam ...

We invite you to visit the Education Festival for Children START UP, where the teachers of the Educational Center "Aristotle" read a lecture for young parents on the topic ...

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