The agreement will simplify the procedure of confirmation of study abroad for graduates of our educational establishments and research staff, as well as facilitate the involvement of Russia in the French ..

Most recently in Sochi was held II All-Russian Congress of teachers of pre-school education, on which leading educators and scientists, including from other countries, were presented some interesting reports concerning pre-school education and upbringing of the child ...

Speaking today at the Tenth Congress of the Russian Rectors' Union, the head of Russia Vladimir Putin said that enrollment in a higher educational institution graduates with unsatisfactorily low grade exam discredits the institution itself. It's pretty ..

Elite schools for gifted students, as well as schools for children with specific development were threatened with extinction. Moscow Mayor's Office announced that the elite schools do not need, because All children are equal ...

We remind you that in 2015, all graduates will have to overcome one more stage before entering the university. They will be "presidential" essay, which will also be a tolerance for the delivery of Unified State ..

2014-2015 academic year, Moscow Department of Education recommends that schools following dates for the holidays ...

In 2015, graduates have to deal with the new changes in the unified state exam. In this academic year, graduates will be invited to deliver a single oral ..

The first of September - Day of Knowledge! This holiday is not only for students and teachers, but also for anyone who wants to learn, grow and replenish your stock of knowledge throughout ..

For graduates of 2014 - 2015 academic year introduced a new form of knowledge control - final essay. Write an essay 11 classes will be in December, but failed to retake the work will be in February and the end of April - beginning of May ...

As the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov, from 2020 compulsory exam in foreign languages ​​will be introduced in Russia. Before this period, they will not be introduced, since the exam ..

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